Sober Living Tips

For those struggling with substance abuse, finding a path back to sobriety can be a monumental task. There are many avenues to explore that may provide the help and assistance needed to return to a healthy lifestyle. 

Classes and Groupwork


Many people receive a wake-up call when law enforcement becomes involved. Whether it be for charges related to operating while under the influence or bad choices made while using, a court date is an opportunity to begin recovery. Offenders often are required to attend court ordered classes in an effort to educate them about why their behavior is destructive to themselves and others. Another option after the initial work is complete is to be present at group meetings on a regular basis. Sharing experiences with those who are in similar situations may be educational and reduce the anxiety that comes with attempting to live clean.

Movement and Exercise


Becoming more active benefits all of the body’s systems and can help distract the mind from returning to self-destructive thoughts. A good rule of thumb when beginning a fitness regimen is to create a schedule and stick to it. Routine is an essential element for recovering addicts. When participating in daily workouts, studies have shown that aerobic activity decreases the effects of mild to moderate depression. This is important in that it defends against relapse due to the desperation and bleakness addicts experience when detoxing. 

Plan Healthy Meals


What is put into the body is just as important as what is abstained from. A diet that contains a balanced amount of vegetables, fiber and protein is essential while on the road to good health. A body ravaged by chemical abuse may need help with digestion, so pay attention to fiber intake. Foods that contain this staple will also be chock-full of prebiotics. These are necessary to feed the probiotics already working in the digestive tract. A correct amount of both will ensure that material moves efficiently through the gut, and critical nutrients are absorbed.


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