Top Things To Do In Gujarat

Gujarat is well known all over the world for its incredibly colourful culture, well-preserved age-old beliefs and traditions which sets it apart from the rest of the nation. From holy spots and religious locations to magnificent hilly landscapes and national parks this place is replete with some of the most awe inspiring and stunning experiences making it every traveller’s dream come true. A must visit destination for every one seeking to have a unique holiday time. If you are planning on visiting this cultural kaleidoscopic holiday destination then here are a few fun activities that you can do during your travel plans of Gujarat.

  • Visit the Sacred Mountain

The sacred mountain of Girnar Hills rises majestically from the contrasting plain areas surrounding it. The entire mountain is dotted with important Jain and Hindu temples which is visited by pilgrims and devotees from all over the world every day. climbing up the 10,000 stone steps leading up to the summit will definitely make you have one of the most enlightening and spiritual experiences of your life. It is home to the largest and the oldest 12th century temple of neminath, temple of Amba Mata, temple of mallinath etc. along with several other small temples. Spending a whole day here will take you through the thriving coexistence of culture and traditions here.

  • Explore Shatrunjaya

Considered probably the holiest pilgrimage site the hills of shatrunjaya is wonderfully adorned and embellished with really old temples some even dating back to as far as 900 years old. The holiness of the place lies in the fact that Adinath – the founder of Jainism – has performed meditation underneath the rayan tree which is located on the summit of the hill. To reach the top the visitors are required to climb up 3,300 steps. Not only will you have a deeply spiritual experience but you will even witness some of the most breath taking and panoramic views of the surrounding unending horizon.

  • Jeep safari at Gir national park
Gir national park

Home of the endangered species of Asiatic lion this national park is a must visit, not only for its lush greenery but especially for witnessing its amazing wildlife culture and untouched wilderness. December to April is considered to be the best time for you to visit and to go on a Gir jungle Safari ride which is probably one of the most popular tourist attractions here. taking a safari that will drive you through some of the most enigmatic forests and you will also be able to gaze at the incredible surrounding natural beauty, birds and animals. Discovering a mind-boggling range of wildlife here will be a time that you will definitely come to cherish for a lifetime. 

Camping in the White Desert

Camping in the White Desert

The white desert which is the name given to the great salt desert of Rann of Kutch this place is unexpectedly one of the most amazing camping destinations in India. How does the idea of camping under the moonlit sky on top of the glistening white landscape sound? It is as surreal and stunning as you can imagine. This is the perfect option for you to spend your honeymoon or a quick getaway from the real world. While the night time here is gorgeous the morning time here is also equally picturesque and indulging in fun camel and toy train rides will make your holiday a memorable one. This truly is a one of a kind experience and visiting here will be etched in your hearts forever.

  • Visit Statue Of Unity
Visit Statue Of Unity

Standing tall right next to the Narmada river is the tallest statue in the world dedicated to the iron man of India i.e. Sardar Vallabhbhai patel. The entire complex comprises of museums, memorials, eateries etc. and you can even go up to the observation decks from top and have a complete bird’s eye view of the surrounding horizon. Inaugurated by prime minister Narendra Modi this statue was made in 3.5 years to honour the unifying leader of India on his 143rd birth anniversary. The statue is located on a strategic location from where it is possible for you to go and explore some exciting and fun nearby places as well.

  • Wander through Aina Mahal

As the name suggests this place is an iconic yet one of the most underrated places to visit in Gujarat and is literally named palace of mirrors. Situated right next to Prag Mahal this 18th century palace was built by Rao Lakhpatiji of cutch estate in 1750. Decorated and adorned entirely by glimmering and shiny glasses, mirror works and tiles the palace complex consists of marriage hall, ante chamber hall, state apartments and so much more that you will feel like you have been transported to an earlier age. The place holds rich historical reference and the vibe here remains well preserved and untainted.


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