Hand surgery in the “pocket” inside abdomen becomes more and more common!

One more time a surgery hand in the “pocket” inside abdomen, performed after a terrible accident in which the firefighter’s hand was literally crushed…


After an accident in a factory in Devon, firefighter Antony Seward 20 was rushed into the hospital where the doctors decided for Pedicled Abdominal Flap procedure in order to regenerate the skin and blood supply in three weeks.

Then hand is separated from the abdomen and the skin covered the whole part of hand.

Hand surgery

By far Antony had two operations for separating fingers. Surgeons believe that the transplants from the toes would improve hand fingers, making easier to catch objects.

Hand surgery

Hand surgery

The pocket where Antony´s hand was sewed for three weeks

Hand surgery

The company was punished with $ 300,000 ($ 384,000) for an accident in which the machine was not fixed for 31 months despite the availability of replacement parts.


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