The Chinese daredevil died after falling from the 62nd floor

A popular Chinese Climber by skyscrapers Wu Yonging died while performing one of his daredevil acrobatics on the skyscraper.

He has attracted thousands of companions to the Weibo network because he climbs to the skyscrapers without using security equipment. His fans were worried when he stopped publishing news in November.

Then it´s found out that he died after dropping from a 62-unit building in Changsha. The Chinese media reported that they participated in the challenge where the prize was 100,000 yen. The prize sponsor was not known as the nature of the competition.

“He planned to ask the girl a day after the challenge. His money was needed for the wedding and treatment of his mother, “his uncle said.

He was 26 years old. He died on November 8, and his death was confirmed by the girl after a month.

Extreme climbing on skyscrapers without safety gear has become popular over the last few years around the world. Yonging warned his followers at Wibou not to imitate him because he was dangerous to life. He trained martial arts, and previously participated in some television and film productions.


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