5 Questions You Should Ask Your Dermatologist About Acne and Skin

How to get rid of horrible acne? When was the last time you have visited your dermatologist? If it is more than six months, schedule an appointment soon.

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Ideally, we all have faced or still facing certain skin issues, and we all want to know few realities related to our skin. Gratefully, dermatologists can help you know answers to several questions popping up in your mind.
Before entering dermatologist clinic, be prepared with some questions to ask your doctor.

The answers to these questions will not only satiate your quench for more knowledge on this matter but also give you a better direction if you are thinking about therapies and treatments. Besides, these answers may bust the myths that prevail.

Here in this blog, I have shared five crucial questions you should ask your dermatologist about your skin and acne.

Needless to say, make the most out of your dermatologist appointment!

1. Why am I facing acne issues?

Ask your doctor to examine your skin and tell you the cause of acne.

Acne can occur at any age. Your doctor will tell you various reasons for acne such as skin care products, weather, diet, etc. and the critical reason is hormonal changes.

He will examine your skin and tell you the primary reason for your acne problem.

Since the reason of acne varies from one person to another, there are various types of acne treatment such as Acne Buster, Azelan Peel Therapy and others available.

As per your condition, your dermatologist can recommend you the right treatment.

2. Can you suggest the best sunscreen for my skin type?

Prolonged sun exposure is the biggest reason for premature signs of aging and symptoms get worse if you do not use sunscreen lotion.

Ask your dermatologists about the best sunscreen for your skin type.


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3. Which skin treatments are good for my skin?

Next question you should ask your doctor is to tell you about different skin treatments suitable for your skin type.

There are many skin treatments available such as skin whitening, skin glow, blemish removal, skin maintenance, etc.

You can ask him to suggest right treatments suitable for your skin type.

4. Can you recommend the best moisturizer for my skin type?

Ask your dermatologist to suggest you some good quality moisturizer for your skin type.

No doubt, hydrated skin is less prone to anti-aging symptoms like wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots, so keep your skin hydrated and moisturized always.



5. Can you suggest some products good for my skin?

Grab the opportunity and ask your doctor about the products good for your skin.

Whether they are medicinal products or beauty products, tell him to suggest few good ones you can use on your face.

So, these are five important questions you should ask your doctor about your appointment.

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