France / Owner drained a pool after bathing a woman in burkini

A woman who was on holiday in a hotel near French Marseille, bathed in a burkini in the pool after she received bill for its cleaning.

bathed in a burkini

The woman was on vacation with her family and entered the pool, wearing a burkini, a swimsuit that covered the entire body except the face. A staff member immediately asked all other guests to leave the pool, and a woman in a burkin got a £440 bill for cleaning.

Then her husband was called from the resort’s management and asked him to “do not use the pool” for the rest of the stay. They gave them bill because they thought that the pool, after using it, had to be completely cleaned.

The woman, who was at the swimming pool with her children, is anonymous for the CCIF, a French organization that fights against Islamophobia, said she was “disappointed, shocked and hurt by the fact that one can be so crazy about a Burkini.”


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