Dangerous Trend / New “Game” Brings First Victim: Children Are Poured With Hot Water

Hot Water Challenge – new dangerous trend has prevailed among children across the United States.

Hot Water

Because of this ´dangerous game´, more people have suffered severe burns, and an eight-year-old girl has died, the American media writes. The question is when this “virus” will catch Europe too.

The challenge of “hot water”, where children say they were inspired by “Youtube” footage, meant drinking hot water and challenge a friend or a causing a do the same, to drink hot water on a straw, saying “Time”.

On Monday, 11-year-old Jamoneisha Merritt of the Bronx suffered heavy burns when her friends poured boiling water on her face as she slept.

In July, 10-year-old Wesley Smith from North Carolina was hurt after his cousin challenged him, while at the end of July, an 8-year-old from Florida died four months after drinking hot water on a straw on a challenge of her cousins. The girl had burned her mouth, throat and suffered respiratory problems.


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