Put this powder in your garden, you will never see the snakes in your area …

This powder not only is good for health, but also if you use it in your yeard, snakes will simply bypass your area….


Much is mentioned about how healthy and useful the baking soda is, but not so far how good it is to drive away the snakes out of our environment …

It is well known that bicarbonate soda acts positively on our body, it successfully helps with heartburn, and acts laxatively on the digestive organs, but did you know that the snakes do not tolerate it?

How to keep snakes away?

Nobody likes to meet the serpent, especially the poison one in the garden or under the car, bolted in the garage, baking soda will surely help you.
Put soda in small amount at a distance of one to two meters. You can pour it on a garden, grass, concrete surfaces, or any other substrate, even on the roof.

Namely, the action comes when the soda begins to receive moisture, releases the scent that does not feel our nose, but the snakes simply do not tolerate it.
In addition to being good for snake, baking soda is an excellent thing of pushing all the other insects and strains

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