BLUE WHALE – The Russian game will kill your children WARNING!

“Blue Whale” / Disturbing: An online game associated with 130 teenage suicides. Children are exposed to blackmails, and most often they are threatened with the killing of family members.

Blue whale

Dangerous game “Blue Whale” after children acivate it, force them to meet different challenges, including hurting themselves, and at the very end of the game, children are being asked to commit suicide. To fulfill what they are looking for, children are exposed to blackmails, and most often they are threatened with the killing of family members.

As we found out, the boy started the game out of curiosity, and then the following instructions injured himself, but he did not record how because of the rule of this this dangerous game. The case was reported to the police after the teacher saw the scraped fish on the shoulder of the boy. The boy admitted he was playing this game as well amaking easier injuries to himself.

“Every task you have to diligently accomplish and no one should know anything about it. When you finish the assignment, you send me a photo. And at the end of the game, you die. Are you ready? – words are used to involve children into the “suicidal” online game “Blue Whale”.

There are cases of suicide in Russia due to this game, and those who try to stop playing or trying to wipe out the game are starting to get threatening messages.

This game was also a cause for an important warning from Interpol and police Officers. After Interpol’s warning, all the police stations in some countries informed school institutions of this game.

Citizens are appealed to inform the police immediately if they find out about this deadly game.
The police also stated that they know that this awful game is managed by adults who use their child’s habits and passion, using their language and culture.

They know their psychology very well, girls blame how thick they are, and boys are “losers”, and that there is another world where they will belong, to the chosen order. A formal investigation was opened in Russia after the deaths of two girls last week.

So parents, look out what your kids are doing on internet.



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