The Top Things to Do in Jamaica

A visit to Jamaica features on many people’s bucket list. Make the leap and look for flights to Jamaica for a vacation to this breath-taking island. Jamaica has a lot to offer and is one of the most popular Caribbean Islands. It is about more than the beaches. There are mountains and cliffs to visit and hike and other activities to indulge in. these include:

Negril Beach

It is next to impossible to visit Jamaica and not enjoy the beaches. Negril Beach, also known as the Seven Mile Beach, is one of Jamaica’s main attractions. You can sit on the beach or participate in the different water sporting activities. Just like the flights to Jamaica, there are many hotels to choose from along this beach. You can snorkel as well. The beach is teeming with hawkers, and you might get an opportunity to buy some souvenirs from this beautiful island.

Booby Cay Island

This island is just a boat ride away from the ever crowded Seven Mile Beach. If you want to have an exclusive trip without so many tourists in your vicinity, Booby Cay Island is the place to visit. On arrival, you can indulge in freshly grilled lobster for lunch.

Frenchmans’ Cove

This is one of the most beautiful swimming spots in Jamaica. It is near Port Antonio and has water from a cool natural spring nearby. A small river flows into the cove and leads into the sea when the tides ebb away. After booking your hotel and flights to Jamaica, consider adding this therapeutic swimming session into your to-do list.

Rose Hall Great House

This restored plantation was built in 1770 and is rich in historical significance. You can choose to visit the plantation during the day or opt for a spooky candlelit dinner complete with ghost stories. The ‘White Witch,’ Annie Palmer who ruled cruelly and met a violent death lived there.

Martha Brae River

One of the ways to learn about the flora and fauna in Jamaica is to raft through Martha Brae River.  Local guides pole through the river on bamboo rafts and share information about the environment surrounding the area. After booking flights to Jamaica, nature lovers should consider putting this at the top on their itinerary.


Flights to Jamaica leading to Kingston are worthwhile. Kingston is full of cultural and historical significance. It hosts the home of Bob Marley which is now a museum; Bob Marley Museum which is one of the top sites on the island. It also has the historic Devon House, the National Gallery and the Natural History Museum. Kingston is rich in attractions and should feature on your visit to Jamaica.

Finding flights to Jamaica and booking hotels are the simpler tasks. You have to look through the popular activities for visitors on the island then come up with a schedule of how to see all these areas. You can also consider adding some sites and activities to your schedule after landing on the island. Locals might know other activities that are fun, besides what is considered popular.


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