The Best 5 Holiday Destinations in India

India is a land of diversity, and with the multiple cultures and the traditions the country stands to be the most unique one.

Apart from the culture, the geographical condition of India too is well- diversified and that is why on one hand where you can find the ranges of Himalayas on other you can find deep – water and dessert on other. Thus, India is a country which needs to be explored once in a life time. Here, are the 5 best Holiday destinations of India for the wanderer in you:

Jammu And Kashmir:

The heaven of Indian Land is Kashmir. Beautiful lands filled with the mangroves and the impeccable beauty of Kashmir can never be ignored. The place has many beautiful destinations and beautiful historical monuments to take a tour of history. No one is unaware about the history of Kashmir and its long struggle. But, the land is bestowed with the enormous beauty. Not to miss dry fruits and apples are found here in abundance as the place is highly productive for vegetation.


It is the most colorful and vibrant state of India which has gained its importance all over the world with delicious cuisines and the vivacious culture. The state is much known for its sweet tradition of opening arms for each and every traveler. From sweets to spicy stuff everything is served here with the much love and warmth and the monuments here are rather charismatic. You can take flights from Delhi to reach to the capital city that is Jaipur by using Yatra coupon codes for domestic flight.

Kerala :

A state endowed with the natural beauty and serenity. Kerala has everything what a peaceful traveler is looking for. From the world – renowned spices to the soulful food, everything is found here. If, you are in Kerala it is mandatory to take out the time for the boat- house stay as that would help you to enjoy proximity with nature in the most authentic form. Also, if you are in Kerala spending time on beaches is another best thing to do.

Gujarat :

The major city of the Gujarat state is Ahmadabad. While on one hand the food is sumptuous and the local dialect keeps visitor captivated. The state is also known for the beautiful handcrafter jewelry and the ghagr- choli which are too beautiful to resist.

Ooty in Karnataka:

It is a beautiful hill station in the state of Karnataka. It is often a weekend gateway for the local residents of Bangalore and nearby areas. Well, apart from few historical places to adore you can enjoy the company of your partner on the hills and enjoy sun – set.

So, do not let the traveler in you give a sit back and enjoy every moment of your travelling. If you are a foreign traveler d not worry as cleartrip offers international flights for the people. Just book your tickets and pack your bags to


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