Discovering Croatian Coast – 3 Cities to Get the Most Out of Your Vacation

Croatia is one of the best places to visit on your European vacation. This is mostly thanks to its elegant Mediterranean coast and its wonderful tourist-friendly climate throughout the year.

Not to be forgotten is the fact that Croatia has a beautiful and culture-rich coast filled with amazing attractions. This Mediterranean country is an interesting destination both to families and individual holiday makers alike. It’s filled with elegant beaches, crystal clear sea waters, breathtaking historical sites and marvelous sporting activities. Below we’ll introduce you to some of the most elegant cities to visit during your tour while discovering Croatian coast.



Pula in Croatia

Pula is one of the largest cities in Croatia. It is well known for its amazing wealth when it comes to roman architecture and other historical attractions. The city has a rich cultural life with multiple summer concerts, theaters and all-year round festivals. It’s most famous attraction is undoubtedly Pula Arena – an ancient Roman amphitheatre located in the city center. Arena is considered as one of the best preserved monuments of the Roman Empire in the area.

Among other incredible attractions the city has to offer are: the temple of Augustus, Roman Floor Mosaic, the contemporary Art Museum of Istria and the cathedral whose history dates back to the third century. Pula is the city full of museums, wonderful architecture and historical sites. All there for you to explore and learn from during your stay.



Porec in Croatia

Situated on Istria’s west coast, Porec is one among the most beautiful destinations for tourists in Croatia. The coastal town is estimated to attract more than 400K tourists annually, thereby contributing a great deal to the country’s economy as far as tourism is concerned. From beaches to affordable hotels, handy explorations, interesting nightlife, numerous family activities, there are many reasons why tourists end up including Porec on their traveling lists.

Extending to the southeast from the northwest, Porec is the home to plenty fascinating beaches including Brulo, Pical and Zelena Laguna, among many others. However, these are mostly rocky beaches, with a few hand made options that provide a wonderful experience in the waters of the Mediterranean. In addition to the beaches, other popular attractions include the Aquacolors water park, historical sites such as the Euphrasian Basilica from the 4th century, Baredine Cave, Pentagonal Tower and the Round Tower. Rovinj is all around interesting location deserving of all the praise it receives.



Dubrovnik in Croatia

Dubrovnik is one of Croatia’s the places to be during your Mediterranean coast vacation. This is mostly because of its rich history, interesting local culture and numerous attractions to learn about. Trademark attraction of the city are most definitely medieval defensive City Walls. These walls surround Old City Core and run for almost two kilometers. Since 1979, City Walls of Dubrovnik are included on UNESCO World Heritage List.

Among the other interesting locations in this ancient city are: Stradun Street, Church Of Saint Blaise from the 15th century and the iconic Mincenta Tower from the 14th century. Nearby island Lokrum is located just 600 meters from the mainland and it’s accessible by yacht charter services. It’s a wonderful place for lovers of nature, beach life and sea exploration. The beach experience in Dubrovnik is breathtaking and memorable for most tourists visiting the area during their holiday vacation.

Croatian coast offers really unique experience on the Adriatic Sea, with plenty of natural and cultural wonders. Combine that with traditional hospitality of locals, pleasant climate, great food and wine, you got a winning formula for memorable time in Mediterranean. Have fun!


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