Anthony Joshua – world boxin champion attacked by the anti-Muslim abuse!

British world’s boxing Anthony Joshua, attacked by the anti-Muslim abuse after he published a picture of prayer with friends in the mosque…

This time, a wave of anti-Muslim abuse, unbelievable, but the world boxing champion, Anthony Joshua just experienced , and all because of a tweet of image of his prayer in the mosque.

Anthony Joshua

IBF heavyweight title holder, used his training time in Dubai and visited a mosque with friends resulting in a mass of criticism on social networks.

As said earlier, the 27-year-old Joshua is not a Muslim, nor follows any religion, but has an interest in them.

In addition to photo Joshua added: ´Besides luck, hard labor and talent – prayer is a solid foundation. It was nice to join my brother while he led through afternoon prayer.

Photo was subjected to mass comments of fans.

Anthony Joshua

Beside the comments that will no longer follow his struggle, disgust at the thought Joshua is a Musli, was the comment ‘Get out of my country’. Joshua lost support of many fans, however.

Anthony Joshua

There were coments supporting Joshua;

‘Muhammad Ali was a Muslim and the greatest of all time, do you guys hate him as well?’

As Joshua didn’t attach himself to a religion before, now he has importance to prayer;

“Prayer is a form of meditation, isn´t it?”

‘It’s laws of attraction, whatever you put out into the universe is what it receives, it’s just kind of putting your thoughts out into the universe.’


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