So You Think You Have the Best Walk? Try Skywalking!

“Acrophobia” is the term used for someone who has a fear of heights. This fear is known to be the 5th most common fear around the world.

But did this fact ever deter any daredevil from traipsing around the edges of a skyscraper? No, never! In fact, contrary to the acrophobia, there are people who love the thrill of heights, and therefore, there are some amazing sky walks around the world which let you safely have a bird’s eye view of the world below your feet. Excited? Get ready then!

If heights have always excited you, and skydiving, bungee jumping, etc. have always had a primary spot in your to-do list, then why not start with skywalking? But be very careful. Vertigo might catch hold of you any moment while you walk across the sky. Even if you score cheap air tickets, don’t mistake adventure related to heights as cheap thrills. Read ahead, and tickle your nerves for some gut wrenching fun! (oxymoron?)

  1. Tianmen Mountain, Hunan, China

This skywalk is 800 miles from Shanghai, and is situated at an altitude of 4,700 feet up in the mountains. Even though the views from this stature are to die for (maybe even literally!), no laborer is available or agrees to clean clean the glass floor of this skywalk. Well, we do understand why! So, guests are required to wear sock boots while up on the skywalk. The floor embraces the side of the mountain, giving a jaw dropping landscape.

  1. Glacier Skywalk, Canada

Situated in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, the Glacier Skywalk, as the name suggests, shapes an amazing observation platform to give the visitors a breathtaking panorama across the Sunwapta Valley.

  1. Edge Walk at the CN Tower, Toronto

The first glass floor of its kind can be credited to the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. But this wasn’t enough, for there was a well defined skywalk made 13 stories above that floor, making it a total of 126 at a height of 1,465 ft. Here, you can stroll around the whole boundary, giving the experience the name EdgeWalk. This is the world’s most astounding sans hands walk, and participants can even get a video copy made of the entire experience.

  1. Five Fingers, Austria

This one’s a free platform to see the skywalk. It is situated in Dachstein Mountains of the Upper Austria on Mount Krippenstein, which is a wonderful place to visit with your loved once, at least once in a lifetime. It was named five fingers since it protrudes in a hand-like shape. It is a standout amongst the most incredible observation decks on the Earth.

  1. Skywalk X, Macau, China

Situated on a narrow air walkway, approximately 765 feet in the sky, Skywalk X gives a spectacular view of Macau from above. If being that up in the sky isn’t satisfying your cravings for the height thrills, then you’d be glad to know (or maybe, not) that there are no handrails to clutch as guests are bolstered by only a harness! For the individuals who need to push the limits of boldness, visitors are permitted to sit on the edge or hang over, with the glittering lights of the Macau skyline in the evening giving a considerably stunning backdrop.

So, let go off your cravings to try something eccentric, something gut wrenching, and for your next holidays, you know where you are heading to, right? Be careful, and yes, enjoy the walk across the sky. Have fun!



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