Shocking footage from Burma – torturing little toddler with Stun Gun – WARNING

Abusing and torturing little Muslim toddler from among the oppressed Rohing. people, this will break your heart…

Disturbing video footage contains an unidentified man torturing a naked baby toddler with a stun gun has been uploaded to the internet.

It is not clear when and where this footage was recorded, but the one who published it online wrote that the incident happened in Burma.

Acording to Pakistan Defence, this video has caption: “Video of a Rohingya child being repeatedly tasered with electric taser by a Burmese soldier. May Allah raise among them defenders.”

According to the BBC report, Rohingya Muslims as an ethnic minority are constantly faced with a very difficult persecution of the authorities in Myanmar.

Considering that since 2012, more than 100,000 Muslims were displaced, many who silently watch, called the events as ethnic cleansing, and many are disappointed because of inaction of the international community.

Sources: Pakistan Defence, BBC

This you will not see in the western media!

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