The largest credentialing company recently ‘credentialed’ by CEO Magazine India

Gurgaon, India – December 1, 2016: In a few decades, when the world will look back at the history of the largest credentialing conglomerate, ‘CredForce’, 2016 will be remembered as the year of another achievement for the company. The company now in its fifth year was recently featured as the Company of the Year under the credentialing section by The CEO Magazine, which is regarded as one of the most prestigious magazines of India.

He who would search for pearls must dive deeper. When the companies were on the lookout to employ ‘credentialed employees’, Mr. Rajiv Gupta, President and CEO at CredForce went against the tide and began the journey of CredForce in 2011.

“In the near future, professional credentialing will become an essential component of every organization”, an ISB alumnus and Wharton Fellow Mr. Gupta, said in an interview. While describing the current scenario of markets and business models, he also shared the success story of CredForce and how it expanded to around 180 countries by leaps and bounds.

Popular among the C-suite professionals, the CEO Magazine releases its flagship rankings every year to praise the most promising market players. The competitors for the award included Trepup, SAP,Bitcoin and FIS among others. Accolades like these have always provided a validation to CredForce’s innovative strategies. Yet another feather in the cap will set standards for the company at large.

Mr. Gupta further said, “CredForce has emerged as the most trusted platform for credentialing with its extraordinary business models and outstanding strategies today. Since its outset 5 years ago, the company has metamorphosed into a professional credentialing platform from a startup idea. Overtime, it has become a preferable choice for MNCs and Government agencies worldwide.”

From Healthcare and Private Equity to unique platforms like Talent Management, Digital marketing, and Big data, CredForce has emerged as the best service provider of certifications across the globe today. During the interview, Mr. Gupta revisited the memory-archive of Credforce stating that how the CredForce model was liked in almost every industry that it entered. “This is how CredForce expanded” otherwise reserved Mr. Gupta said.

Under the directorship and guidance of Mr. Gupta and led by a creative team of extraordinary individuals, CredForce consortium has been praised with numerous honors and mentions in the past- comprising well-known BRICS Top 100 Rankings and CIO Review Magazine India.

About The CEO Magazine

The CEO Magazine, is India`s leading business magazine introducing top level executives to share their experiences, challenges they faced and case studies. That creates the extraordinary benefits to the Startups community and vibrant entrepreneurs to analyze the IT trends; learning’s to organize and gives the better understanding in achieving their business objectives effectively.

 About CredForce

CredForce (www.credforce.com) is the world’s first and the largest provider of solutions, services and products in credentialing. With the world’s first ever and the largest consortium of international certification bodies, CredForce is converting capability-validation into an organized global industry-vertical. Our mission is to make certifications affordable, convenient and swift to obtain for individuals and enterprises even in the remotest corners of the world. The gigantic CredForce credentialing ecosystem extends across 178 countries astride a slew of partnerships with global leaders like Pearson. A wide-range of solutions on credentialing, accreditation and certification of professionals, workforce, employees and enterprises are designed and delivered to transnationals, governments, universities, multilateral aid bodies and institutions through this ecosystem.


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