Online Strategies for Travel Agencies to Engage your Customers and Retain Them

New Age Travel Customers

It is not easy to even try and remember how one used to travel in the days of the past. Not only have the modes of conveyance changed dramatically but even the manner in which one used to plan one’s travel and do one’s booking has undergone a sea change. Today’s travellers for both business and pleasure prefer a more personalized method of travel.

If you are in the tour and travel business you will need to focus on the personal needs of each traveller. The important change that has taken place in recent times is that travellers have generally moved to preferring online booking system of planning travel. This is an environment that is highly competitive. All travel agents will therefore need to change their marketing strategy accordingly. While forming their new strategy it is important to ensure that different types of products are offered so that customers of varying needs are covered comprehensively. This then is the only time proven technique to win back all your customers while ensuring that your existing customers are retained as well.

Being the Best Travel Agent

All customers want an efficient travel agent. But, the problem is that there are far too many such travel agents that qualify. You will need to be the best travel agent in order to stay ahead of the race. In order to reach this coveted slot you will have to understand the likes and dislikes of each customer so that you give them what they want. Here, it is important to be able to convert the hopefuls and seekers into those that ultimately book tickets. Only then will the cost of maintaining your site be justified. The first thing you will need to do is to offer the perfect mix of travel options that are diverse, relevant and effective. It is also important to build an effective set of search options so that each would be traveller is able to find the right kind of travel content.

Optimizing your Website

In order to grab a large number of eyeballs it is necessary to optimize your website with the help of images that are attractive, content that has substance and navigation that is user friendly. You will have to offer a path that is both clear and direct so that one need not be tech savvy to be able to find what he is in search of. It is also important to ensure that a travel website is accessible to the mobile device since a large proportion of travelers are today using these to make their travel plans. Further, the user interface should highlight your deals clearly since the average traveler is easily lured by deals. The use of loyalty programs has also been found to be helpful in increasing the revenue.

Important Tools

The social media is one of the most important marketing tools in these times. It is safe to say that you will need an effective footprint in this vital world of the social media to be able to win customers. On such a page you can share all exclusive content and images as well as attractive deals with your customers who, in turn, can share these with their friends and relations. Such a page will also serve as a place where you can get feedback with the help of which you could improve your standard of service.

The other important need is to target sites that have high web traffic since that is where your customers will be fishing. You can use these platforms for marketing your own products thereby reaching out to more customers. At these sites you can integrate payment gateways that are well known and this will help in retaining your customers and can be managed by using travel technologies such as  Travel software for tour operators

Offering loyalty programs and customized packages are excellent tools for attracting more customers. Finally, it is useful to remember who your customers are and in which segment. If the bulk of your customers are millennials there is no use trying to attract them with cruises. On the other hand if you are trying to attract pensioners it is best not to try them to take tours that are for thrill seekers.



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