E-commerce Basics — The Essential Features of Medical E-commerce Websites

As the health care industry is forced by competition to expand into digital marketing, medical e-commerce is the next step in connecting the medical profession with clients, patients, and potential patients. A new medical e-commerce shopping website could mean the difference in reaching patients and making sales in the online marketplace.

Consumers and patients alike have high expectations for quality health care. The competitive nature of the industry demands cost containment and efficient delivery of service. All this combined with advances in technology have made the medical e-commerce shopping cart an essential tool for business growth.

Not all e-commerce websites are created equal. Consumers expect a well-functioning site with features that make purchasing easy, fast, and efficient.

Design and Content

The look and feel of the site are just as important as the features and functionality. The design of the medical e-commerce site will determine whether consumers stay on the site or seek a competitor within a matter of seconds. Don’t overlook the importance of the design of the medical e-commerce shopping cart.

Original pictures help add to the overall feel of the site. Descriptive, engaging product information helps direct the consumer to the right product for their needs.

Form and Function

The best looking e-commerce website also needs to provide seamless functionality across all platforms and devices. The goal of any e-commerce site is to increase sales and minimize cart abandonment through quick, easy, and flawless functioning of the e-commerce site.

Today, most consumers use their mobile device to search for products, services, and information. E-commerce sites need mobile compatibility in loading times, screen size, and functionality to make the purchase process fast and simple from any mobile device.

Minimal clicks, strong search function, and easily navigated pages are features of medical online shopping that will set the site apart from others. Fast and easy checkout will help with the goal of minimizing abandoned carts.

Customer Service

Above all, customer service is the cornerstone of any e-commerce site. Add credibility to the site by allowing for customer reviews. Customers seek out reviews to help build trust in a product or company. Research indicates that customer reviews drive site traffic by 44 percent. Make it easy for consumers to leave reviews, and make it even easier for customers to find the reviews.

Any global business requires 24/7 customer support, and a medical e-commerce shopping website is no different. The best sites offer live chats, email support, and good old-fashioned phone support whenever the customer needs it.


Another aspect of building trust in the product and the company is online security. A secure site is essential. Displaying the security certificate will help reassure consumers that their purchase is safe and secure.

With a few basic tips and some tricks of the trade, you can make your medical e-commerce shopping website functional, easy to use, and attractive to customers. There’s no reason to stay behind the medical technology curve. Expand your services and products easily through technology and watch your business grow.


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