The History of White Gold Promise Rings

We have all heard about engagement rings. It is a sign that a couple is going to get married.

But, before the engagement ring happens, there is one more special moment that almost goes unnoticed by the other people.

It is the time when the white gold promise rings are exchanged. A promise ring is one ring that is given by a man to the woman who he thinks is his true soul mate. It can also be given by a woman to her beloved man. This ring sends subtle signs that the couple are serious about their relationship and are ready to take it to the next level.

It does not have the seriousness of an engagement ring or a wedding ring, but it is surely important because it is the first piece of jewelry that the couple have exchanged or received from their partner.


What is the history of promise rings white gold?

These rings have been in circulation from hundred years. The concept is actually an old one. In 16th century England, the couple exchanged Posy rings. These rings were called so because they were engraved with romantic poems on them. In the Georgian and Victorian eras, Acrostic rings were given to loved ones. These rings had spellings in gemstones like ruby, emerald, amethyst and diamond. Usually they spelt the word “regard”.

But, the rings in white gold became popular only in the past decade. They have become a trend these days as you can get the most beautiful rings to give to your loved ones. It is also a way of splurging money and pampering your partner.

What is the popularity o f  white gold diamond promise rings?

Giving these special rings has become a fashion in the present-day world. Many famous personalities such as film stars, singers and royal family members have given these rings to their beloved ones. White gold diamond rings are indeed special and attract people’s attention. Popular personalities such as Jonas brothers and Miley Cyrus are the proud owners of such rings.

Other meanings of  white gold promise rings for her

When a person wears this ring, it doesn’t always have to be because he or she is getting engaged. This ring can also mean that the person is making a promise to God that he or she will stay pure till marriage. It is a promise that they will follow the path of celibacy until marital bliss. Thus, white gold rings for her can also be purity rings. In this case, the ring can be given by a parent to a child, one can gift himself with this ring, or it can be given by someone very close.

But mostly, promise rings are given as a token of commitment in a romantic relationship. It is a symbol of loyalty and fidelity. So, if you want to make a lifelong promise of being with your girlfriend, you can give a white gold rings for girlfriend. It is the best way to say that you are committed for life.



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