China: Found 25 million of ‘missing’ babies

Scientists believe that in China disappeared between 30 and 60 million babies, but researchers say there is’ a political explanation.

Scientists believe that in China disappeared between 30 and 60 million girls, allegedly aborted or killed at birth, due to the state policy of “one family – one child” and folk customs that should have a son.

However, researchers from the US and China think they are “found” most of these girls, but assume that many families the birth of girls are not even registered.

John Kennedy of the University of Kansas, says he believes that the missing 30 million girls in the population of China.

This is the size of California, but they are just missing. Most of the benefits of the demographic explanation that says abortion and murder of children reasons why it does not appear in census. We believe that there is a political explanation, said Kennedy.

‘Excess’ of four million people

The research team is to these discoveries came after talks with locals in Shaanxi Province.

One of them had two girls and a son and a younger daughter is referred to as non-existent.

Here there was a principle that if the first child is female, then the family can have a second child.

Once you have this practice confirmed by other their counterparts, the researchers compared the figure of children born in 1990 with a figure of 20-year-old Chinese in 2010.

They found “excess” of four million people, and that even a million women more than men.

“If encompass a period of 25 years, it is possible that a total of 25 million women are not in the statistics of births,” said Kennedy.         Source: Agencies


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