Britney Spears DIED – Sony Music announced!

Britney Spears is alive despite the announcement on Twitter that she died. On Monday, the official profile Sony Music emerged two tweets in stating that the pop princess died.

The tweets read: “RIP @britneyspears #RIPbritney 1981-2016” and “Britney Spears had died in an accident. Soon we will give more information about it. #RIPBritney. “Posts are quickly deleted, and the team of a singer currently reported to CNN that she is alive.

“I suppose the account was hacked. I have not talked to anybody yet, but I believe that this is a hack. Britney is alive and well. This is not the first time that something like this happened, but never with the official Sony’s profile, “said Adam Leber, manager of the singer.

Britney Spears

From Sony have announced that they have no comments on the situation. Official profile of Bob Dylan has also been hacked, because at the same time appeared the publication “Rest in peace #britneysperas”, reported CNN.

Mirror published an article that begins with the words: “Britney Spears has died, according to the notification Sony Music”, not noticing that in report that they received written that it is a social network hacking.
The article was later published in a different issue to clear up a misunderstanding.


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