Advanced Features of Pool Automation

Pool technology has come a long way, and today, pool systems come with several automated features that provide comfort, convenience, and an overall improved experience to users. Swimming pool automation systems are useful not only because they can make the entire pool experience better but also because automation can help you cut costs and save energy.

Pool Features That Can Be Automated Are Nearly Countless

Technological advancements in pool features have now made it possible to have a completely relaxed and care-free pool. Automated systems offer a variety of features, from turning on pool lights to switching on the music to handling maintenance.

Automate Pool Maintenance

Most people don’t realize that enjoying a pool for an hour or so is very different from actually managing a pool. Since pool maintenance involves many tasks, including back-flushing of filters, topping up the water, controlling the water temperature, etc. But now with automated systems, there are many features that can be managed by a simple click of a button.

You can use pool automation to schedule your pump and filter, run your chlorine generators as and when needed, control water temperatures, control the pH level of the pool, and manage the lighting.

Automate Your Exercise Routine in the Pool

For those using swimming as an integral part of their fitness routine, it is now possible to fit their pool with a jet system that would give them a workout similar to that of a treadmill. The jet pumps create rapids in the pool to have a proper training session. The best thing is that these jet pumps are completely adjustable, enabling users to control the level and thrust of the water current. So whether you’re interested in an intense workout or just want to laze around in the pool, you can use your jets accordingly.

Automate Pool Water Temperatures

The right water temperature is critical for any pool. Now, with the use of adjustable filtration, you can adjust the number of times the pump runs. This not only gives you immense control when it comes to managing the pool temperature, but it also consumes less power and is completely automated.

Automate Pool Water Levels

Large families often face the problem of water loss. Kids splash and dive and get into water fights. That’s understandable since the entire purpose of having a pool is to enjoy it. At the same time, you do want your water levels to stay constant. By automating this aspect, you can ensure that your pool is automatically topped up if there is any deviation from your desired water level. This makes it easy for you to manage water loss due to any reason, whether it’s back flushing, diving, or leaks.

You Can Even Control Your Pool Automation From Your Phone – If You Wish

What’s more, you can control all these features through your phone by simply installing apps that allow you to set schedules and manage everything. Most of these automated systems come with programmable timers, easy-to-install programs, and multiple speeds and pumps

It is thus evident that the days where pool owners had to spend more time maintaining their pool are now gone. With new and advanced pool automation systems, pool management has become easier and faster.


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