Turkey has its most famous cat – honored cat with her own bronze statue.

Because of her very funny relaxed pose, not only won the heart of Turkey, but also the rest of the world.

Tombili, the fat cat who got his bronze statue in the capital of Turkey, became well known when someone snapped a photo of her in a very relaxing positionand and shared on social media.


Unfortunately, chubby cat Tombili died in August, but was very well-known and beloved cat in the area because of its lovely attitude towards people who liked to play with her.

After Tombili´s death, someone put her poster as a tribute in the neighborhood. However, people felt that she deserves much more, that´s why a local sculptor Seval Şahin decided to make a bronze statue by creating her pose.

On the day of presenting sculptures October 4 – World Animal Day, hundreds of people showed up and pay tribute to Tombili, leaving candles and flowers.


As they say, the Tomb was a very proud cat, but unlike people, with other cats she did not like to socialize. She did not walk so much due to obesity, so she would always peaceful lying on the sidewalk in her very interesting, relaxing pose.


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