Top marketing lessons From Trump’s Presidential Campaign That Every Marketer Should Learn

Yes, you have heard it right. Love him or hate but can’t ignore Donald Trump and his Innate marketing tactics during his presidential campaign in year 2017.

While was trolled and hated on all social networking sites for his controversial speeches, his subliminal tactics conditioned Americans to accept him the way he is. He devised marketing pleasure centres to dominate polls through sheer unruliness and thus wins over the Americans. What made him clear winner is not his recklessness, but his innate nature of being master of persuasion, and being himself, that’s all.
Whether it’s his racist comments or shocking speech, we’ve observed him and his campaign carefully and noted the top marketing tips that every new age marketers should learn from Trump’s winning presidential campaign.

1. Use of Rhetorical Devices In Campaign

Repetition is a very powerful tool to persuade your audience. By using rhetorical devices in your marketing campaigns, psychologically it will mould your target audience to take actions what you desired for. If you listen to Donald Trump speak, he uses campaign slogan “Make America Better Again,” which was first coined by Ronald Reagan’s during 1980 presidential campaign.
The repletion of using the same catch phrase again in presidential campaign itself instils trust, hope and persuades the audience to vote for no one but ‘Trump’. He used the winning slogan by Ronald and consistently kept pushing it everywhere either by words or donning a cap inscribed the same.
Not only in his words and merchandize but also the way he weaves his speech during entire 16-months long presidential campaign reflects the rhetorical devices to woo the voters. For an instance he make statement about XYZ, then he will speak about it, and while concluding his speech he will reinstate for what he spoke in the beginning of his speech. Thus the power of repetition in form of rhetorical devices is the most effective tool of persuasion in all types of marketing campaign.

2. Take A Control Of Your Conversation

Donald Trump has it all when it comes to public speaking or debates. He dominates the conversation with defensive as well as offensive strategies. He knows what he is speaking and controls his speech by channelizing all his thoughts in right direction. It’s rare to notice him being interrupted in any political debates.
If ever you listen to his speech, you will notice that he doesn’t hesitate to shot down his opponents, thus maintains the consistency throughout the campaign. He is the one who strikes first before any opponent shot him down. His strategy of taking control of his conversation is just like a high school kid who draws everyone’s attention to himself for all wrong reasons and still escapes punishment due to his popularity.

3. Be True to Your Brand

Just like negative news spreads much faster than positive ones, it’s better to have negative publicity than positive ones to grow your popularity. No one is interested to hear good old miss goody two shoes, but Donald Trump’s shocking speeches keeps everyone on toes. He has been accused of being racist, gender-biased, elite, a nazi, and a homophobe, and still after every speech Trump gives his popularity is increased in millions. Hence, negative advertising is still advertising, nothing can compete it.
The mainstream media tried to portray him as a disaster to American politics by even comparing him to Adolf Hitler. But it actually worked for his favour, as it created over-hyped obsession about what the craziest presidential candidate is up to. Thus, the media acclimatizing and negative advertising won popularity for Trump like never before.

Communicate Rightly!

To a larger extent the success of Trump’s presidential campaign is that he communicates with his audience by using right message at right time that too on a conscious as well as subconscious level.
Be it online or offline platform, Trump has a great connect with his audience by addressing their pain points and also providing a solution for the same. When you hear other presidential candidates blabbering and boasting about the facts and figures, Trump speaks about what you want and what he can do for you as your President. He hits the right goal by speaking on the level of his audience like he can communicate rightly with educated, professional, businessman, uneducated, rich, poor nad middle class. And thus, the bandwagon follows him as no one remembers the numbers but they do remember the promises made.

Define Problem, Give solution!

Trump not only speaks his mind, and what he feels about every issue his target audience is facing like terrorism, immigration, automobile, job opportunities and others but also gives solution for the same. Moreover he also promised that he will bring end to immigration issues and also let Americans know the real faces behind 9/11 terror attack exposing the truth government is hiding.

Power of Social Media

His bizarre or say an outlandish behaviour took social media by storm and nothing could stop Trump’s ever increasing popularity for all the right and wrong reasons. Trump must have played underdog, but his Tweets, online presence kept him trending, and thus massive increase in the number of online followers.
He is one of the few presidential candidates that created stir via live speeches, rallies but also at online campaign too. He did not leave any stone unturned to connect rightly with youths of America on all media channels.

Substance over Style!

Yes he banked over his flamboyant business credentials, and social status by using celebrities to. Why to miss a spotlight when you have celebrities using your products, but Trump does it differently. When he was asked in an interview that how he can run a country’s business when he is a failure in four businesses, he firmly gives back by stating that he knows what it means to be bankrupt and thus he can handles debts quite well (that’s Trump for you)
He not only highlights his business career but also conveys to Americans that how empathetic he is towards the debts, bad economies and failures as he has faced bankruptcy for four times.

Being Bizarre & Candid

Trump’s marketing campaign marks historic win in US Presidential Election as he was more popular amongst haters, and not much being loved. You may call him someone like Kim Kardashian who gains popularity by just creating stir in media with idiocrasy and deviant behaviour.
His outlandish, arrogant, cocky, outspoken, and bizarre comments, and behaviour both on online and offline media has played a significant role in overall success of his presidential marketing campaign.

Your Take Away!

Marketing and Advertising are extremely powerful tools that can push the average person to superstar status. These marketing campaigns are tactically designed to captivate and persuade the conscious and subconscious mind. Every step that Donald Trump takes is planned, it just doesn’t “seem” that way, which is how you know how carefully things are planned out. Commercials, advertisements, TV shows, and movies are not just toys, they are tools designed to move you in one direction or the other. The tricky part is to understand where and why they are trying to push you there. Using these styles of subliminal marketing is extremely effective because it targets the part of the brain that doesn’t use logic or reason, but instead is compulsive. The next time you watch Donald Trump in an interview, a speech, or a debate you will start to see what he is doing to win over the American people.

About The Author
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