Revealing Some Key Ways to Delight your Customers

As the customer-centricity has become the trend of this modern era, most companies are striving hard to satisfy their customer needs. Right from running customer satisfaction surveys to capturing social media feedbacks, companies are leaving no stone unturned in achieving the great customer satisfaction. Let’s face it: customers undoubtedly want your product or service and you sell it to them at a competitive price and deliver within a given time frame. But, that thing does not work out when it comes to making the customer experience more meaningful and unforgettable.

In the customer-focused landscape, customer satisfaction is not the worthy goal for an organization. Or, is it so? I believe satisfaction is just a mere element of what customer should get in their experience from the brand he wishes to purchase. It is the time to going the extra mile to give your customers a unique experience that remains unforgettable.

Providing a consistent experience requires proper planning and structure often far beyond the capabilities of many companies. Here are some key ways that you should consider to not just satisfy your customers but delight them.

Entice customers with some freebie: You may be surprised with the fact that a little gift can do wonders to make your customers happy. This can be a freebie worth of $10, coupon or e-gift card, which they can utilize on any of your products/ services. It is an easy, cost-effective way of enticing the customer to get to know you in the better way. Whatever goodie you are offering, just make sure that it is desirable, and engrossing.

Unveil the unexpected: The regular perks–a pen with your company logo, a key chain, cookies packet– are good enough, but people often take these items and forget about them easily. So, it is better to look forward to something genuine. It doesn’t have to be too much costly: small novelty toys, artful postcards, and useful books are all the good ideas. The more you personalize your customer experience, the greater the pleasant surprise you get.

Listen to what customers want to say: It is always good to give your customers with the opportunity to share information with you. Do something positive with the information available at your end. If you ask people to fill out the request form, follow up straight away to address something personal they shared in that form. If you asked their preference in any entertainment area like music and gaming, send them a link to some latest collection of songs and fantastic game. If they tell you they are an art lover, send them some artistic samples. The ultimate point of doing this is to show them you have done some homework to learn what is important to them.

Give customers the utmost priority: When a customer exhibits interest in your brand and seems loyal to your business, a thank you note is just the starting stage to build a relationship with them. Do follow up with customers to make aware them about other products or services that might fulfill their unique needs. While taking follow up with the existing customers, it is important to give them a unique benefit or reward points for their return or any referral. If some sale is coming during the festive season, don’t just give prior notice; let your best customers know about this at the first priority.

Take time to know the root of the problem: There are only a few customers who complain in hopes of getting a discounted item in the compensation of some bad experience. But, most people only express a concern if they truly don’t like the service. In such scenarios, it is important to show personal attention to people who has a complaint. Don’t just ignore it with some pointless excuses. Perform a customer satisfaction survey to determine the root cause of a problem. Get connect with the disappointed customer personally and ask for their input on the issue resolution. After this, tell your customer how you plan to fix it. Choose a leading business process outsourcing company to improve your customer service operations.

In short, follow these important ways to make your customer experience unforgettable. Opt for business process outsourcing services to augment your customer satisfaction rate.


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