Heading – Can right influence strategy future proof brand success

‘What’s next’ is a most brand-custodian question.  What are you able to achieve for your brand today that will be able to create a strong impact tomorrow? What will you be your course of action to achieve the next milestone? The answers to all these questions are dependent on where a client stands today what it is expected to do in the near future. This is one of the reasons top PR firms in Delhi are initiating relevant branding strategies at regular intervals to ensure brand success for clients.

Since the success of any brand is dependent on consumers, it is key to understand the demographics of the future consumers, along with their content consumption patterns. Recently a group of marketing agencies initiated a study and came up with the following inferences:

  • Rising number of the older users

In 2013, over 40% of the users were 25 years’ old or older than that. By 2018, approximately 55% are likely to be 25 years or older. Since ‘older’ users have more disposable income, they will engage in online transactions more.

  • Higher number of users in rural areas

In 2013, about 30% of the users were residing in rural regions. With rapid development and urbanization, this figure is expected to bolster significantly. By 2018, about 50% of the population in India will reside in the smaller towns and villages.

Leading PR agencies are of the opinion that this number puts forth a rosy picture as it will open up considerable growth opportunities for the marketing professionals and service providers to bolster revenue growth.

  • User base to encompass more women

In 2013, 25% of the users have been female. By 2018, women will comprise one-third of the users. The rising gender parity will influence the Internet economy as women decide 44% of the household expenditure in India.


Thus, even as mobile phone usage continues to rise, there will be a considerable jump in vernacular content along with expansion of the digital content consumption base.

How to influence the communication campaigns

  • Need a robust wave to create influence on any opinion or trend
  • Strengthened focus on online and mobile
  • Equal sharing of focus between urban and metro markets
  • Building engagement with women

Influencer marketing to affect prospective consumers

To tackle all these challenges, influence marketing could enact the role of a powerful ploy. Influences for the brand or group will be people who are experts with a strong fan following. Top PR agencies around the globe vouch for influence marketing as these practitioners will stand up for you during a time of distress and boost the accomplishments.

Influence marketing is capable of helping larger corporations and smaller enterprises. It makes a lot of sense for a startup to work with influences. Such collaboration strategies are capable of creating awareness about a business, products and services.

Hence, engagement and long-term strategy are key to ensure widespread effect of a campaign being implemented and influence opinion too.




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