Career Counseling Theories

Astrology can give your stagnant or floundering career the much-deserved stability and traction. The career counselling theories mentioned in revered astrological texts of yore blend with modern scientific wisdom to correctly identify the roadblocks in one’s career curve and help eliminate them decisively.

Career counselling from astrological perspective The drive to offer your career a firm support starts with readin g of the horoscope or birth chart. If the chart has not been prepared for someone, astrologer Singapore can get the same meticulously developed by factoring in the place, time and date of birth. The chart reflects the prevailing planetary configuration at the time of individual’s birth and how the same would change in the course of one’s life.

career counseling Singapore, Career Counseling

The chart is then explored to trace out malefic planets and the impressions of negative karmas of the past lives that have been adversely affecting one’s career advancement. The therapies are then articulated to pacify the planets spiritually and make amends for past karmas. Career counselling Singapore from Mr. Bijoy helps individuals have their birth charts intellectually interpreted in the light of ancient Oriental knowledge for optimal results.

Miraculous theories Advocates of a scientific approach to life, who have not experienced the miraculous healing of Astro-counselling, tend to brush off the astrological theories under the carpet. You need to exercise your conscious volition to strengthen your career based on astrological theories.

The presiding deities of respective planets need to be pacified in a manner prescribed by our revered scriptures. As the deities become complaisant, new perspectives to resolve your career related issues would become apparent. The behavioral patterns of the individual would then have to be modified according to the findings of the chart. Body mind balance needs to be developed and coordinated in a way conducive to receiving of positive vibrations from the celestial bodies. As the cognitive changes would become consolidated in individual’s life, he/she would be better positioned to vault over the obstacles posed in the path of career progression. As the inhibitions within the individual would get ironed out, the holistic self would start asserting itself and the career would be propelled on the path of success.

career counseling Singapore, Career Counseling

Career counseling Singapore center of Mr. Bijoy offers definitive direction to steer your career on the path of ascension. The humanistic-existential theory would help the individual relive the past karmas in a nutshell and thus achieve release from the negativities/ malign impressions in the horoscope which are impeding success. The psychodynamic aura generated by the subconscious mind would be refined and cleansed of negative impressions of the past. As these transactional aspects in one’s charts are taken care of through adequate astrological theories, the life of the individual would become a shining example of success and consistent progress.

Being the best astrologer Singapore can also assist you in improving the relationship bonds. Our relationship counselling Singapore center is dedicated to helping individuals’ secure lasting peace in their intimate bonds so that they can register steady progress in their careers. I have proven theories and solutions for optimal results.


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