Turkey: Live in the TV show a killer admitted that he raped and murdered four-year old girl!

Turkey in shock – The brutal killer confessed killing the girl also as location where he buried her.

According to the media, a Turk Himet Akturk, arrested by the police in the middle of a TV show in which he admitted that he raped and killed four-year old girl, and the place where he left her.

Akturk broke down and confessed killing of little girl after he looked at the pictures of the victim and the crime scene when his host Muge Anli revealed on the show that deals with family drama.

After his arrest on the show, Akturk signed a confession that he kidnapped four-year old Irmak Kupal at the time when she was playing in front of the house. He stated that he raped the girl, killed and than left in the container. He returned the next day, pulled out the body and buried it in the vineyard.

Live during show, monstrous Akturk gave location instructions where the girl buried. According to his instructions, soon the police found the body.


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