Jewry saved in Holocaust by muslims, paid them back during Bosnian Genocide!

Jewish Payback Time – Jewish family Kabiljo saved in Holocaust by muslims, paid them back during Bosnian Genocide!

Back in 1941st, Yugoslavia was invaded by the Germans. They opened Gestapo office in one of the streets in Sarajevo when they sized it. In that very same street lived a Muslim family Hardagas.

A wife and husband – Zejneba and Mustafa had a Jewish very good business partner and a friend Yosef Kabiljo.
During monstrosity against Jews, The Hardaga family decided to help Jewish family Kabiljo by hiding them in the house every time when Gestapo officers would checking for citizens documents.

Eventually, Kabiljo was during his business, which he intended to liquidate, cought and sent to a hard labor camp.

Zejneba when found out about Kabiljo, she went to the camp and many times she would bring him some food, just until Yofes somehow managed to escape and he returned to Hardaga´s home. By help of Ahmed Sadik, they got their new documents with Christian names, but when Nazis found out about it, they executed Ahmed.
But still family Kabiljo managed to runaway to Jerusalem.

Half a century after, one more tragedy of events would under cruel conditions of war, get these families together again. Bosnia was the center of a war in Yugoslavia in 1992. Serbian army made a massacre when they surrounded Sarajevo.

As many other families, Hardaga hopelessly hided themselves in the basement during offensive. When the family Kabiljo heard that family who saved them is still alive, they found a way by the journalist to send a message for them. The Kabiljo managed to contact officials and than get to Israeli Prime Minister and organized a rescue for Hardagas family. That way the only survived Hardaga family was Zejneba who was 75, at that time and her Sara, who was the yungest dauther, successfully rescued and found their refuge in Jerusalem.


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