If you take a cold or hot shower, you should know what you’re doing to yourself.

Whether you take a shower in the morning or in the evening, once a day or every few days – one thing is certain, without these actions can´t imagine life.

In the newspapers and on the internet many times you have been able to read the correct ways to perform these daily activities. While some claim that we should not take a shower with hot water, others believe that too cold shower is not a friend either. The truth is, as usual, somewhere in between, but the fact is that both extremes can be beneficial for the state of your mind and body.

According to the scientific research in this field, the effects are as follows:

Cold water:

– Stimulates the immune system
– Improves concentration
– Awakens in the morning
– Renewed energy
– Metabolism
– Promote the efficiency of the work
– Helps in burning fat
– Makes the skin more gently
– Improves mood

Warm water

– Relieves problems with clogged nose
– Relaxes muscles
– Reduces stress
– Reduces fatigue
– Relieves swelling
– Helps with headaches
– Contributes to the detoxification of the body
– Opens the pores and cleanses the skin
– Combats insomnia

Now, depending on what’s bothering you, run under the shower, but the choice is yours.


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