Discover India in Dubai

Dubai is a melting-pot of cultures, with most of the city’s population being made up of expats who have moved to the city and now call it their home.

With that, Dubai has grown to cater for each of those cultures by opening up restaurants, attractions, and more, in order for locals and tourists alike to have the opportunity to learn and indulge in each of them. In this article we are going to look at where tourists can discover India in Dubai, through a number of popular attractions and restaurants:

 Bollywood DUBAI

The first theme park of its kind in the world, Bollywood™ DUBAI – a Dubai theme park – is dedicated

to all things Bollywood. There are five fascinating zones where guests can experience a number of

different environments that are inspired by the greatest Bollywood blockbusters. The zones include

Bollywood Boulevard where guests are greeted by cafes with live entertainment and the Rock On!!

Restaurant, visitors can stroll the streets of Mumbai at Mumbai Chowk with an array of different

foods on offer, as well as a number of chances to shop until you drop. Rustic Ravine includes never-

ending adventures as would play out in Dabangg, Lagaan and Sholay, and the Royal Plaza includes

the Rajmahal Theatre, that will host the region’s first Broadway-style Bollywood musical. Lastly,

Collywood Film Studios Featuring Hall of Heroes enables guests to learn how to create a blockbuster

like Zindagu Na Dobara, as well as meet their favourite Bollywood superheroes.


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Asha’s is an innovative styled Indian restaurant that boasts a traditional North West Indian menu that includes succulent meats, fresh vegetables, and delicious seafood. Asha’s offers diners authentic Indian food in a beautiful modern setting that includes Asha’s stunning terrace that overlooks the Wafi Courtyard – perfect for cool evening meals. On the menu, diners can expect to indulge in everything from Classic Samosa Selections to Onion and Potato Pakora, Chicken Tikka Salad to Murg Malai Kebab, and so much more. What’s more, there are a number of delicious and authentic desserts to finish off your authentic dining experience.


Indian Emporium 

Located at the The Souk Dubai Mall, the Indian Emporium sells a wide variety of goods, including all kinds of textiles – mainly silks that come from the north-western state of Kashmir. Here shoppers can find beautiful shawls, curtains, and cushions, in a number of different colours and in every design imaginable, ensuring that shoppers will find exactly what they are looking for. Additionally, there are kaftans made with jewel-coloured silks and gem incrusted necklines that are the perfect evening wear for Dubai’s hot climate and for shoppers who are looking for a dressier clothing option. On the other hand – for shoppers looking for something a little less flashy – there are casual kaftans made out of cotton.

The above three attractions and activities are just three ways you can discover India in Dubai, with so many more waiting to be explored. How will you choose to discover India while on holiday to Dubai?


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