5 Ways to Set Up Successful Janitorial Service Business

If you want to put up a janitorial cleaning service, you must know the basic things about it. Even the cleaning tips and safety hazards of this kind of work are essential things to know about this kind of business.

It’s not just about seeing the surrounding clean and organized, it’s about delivering the work efficiently while keeping your workers safe and sound.

Putting up a janitorial service basically deals with cleaning commercial buildings like corporate work, schools, hospitals, malls, manufacturing warehouse and even the parking lots. This type of business usually starts in the evening because this is the time that the staff and workers of the said building will be gone home.

How do you start with putting up this kind of business? Read below:

Create a budget for the business.

In order to run a business, you should have enough capital. If you’re a little shorter with the money, you can make unsecured business loans where you do not need to present any collateral. This money will help you with the basic you need with the business – including office space, insurance, cleaning stuff, manpower and marketing plan.

Plan your marketing strategy.

In business, in order to make your product or service known to people and eventually earn profit from it, you have to develop an effective marketing plan. This is how you market your business and persuade the people that you offer a good and unique service. Adverting is part of the marketing plan and includes creating and distributing flyers, announcing to the local newspaper or the popular way is to create a website for your business.

Know the services your want to offer.

Most of the commercial janitorial service does not only offer their typical cleaning services like maintenance of bathroom cleanliness or proper garbage disposal. These companies expand their services to other areas and they are as follows:

  • Landscape construction
  • Security and privacy
  • Proper lighting
  • Window cleaning
  • Drapery cleaning
  • Maintenance of garden/plants
  • HVAC management (heating/ventilation/air conditioning)
  • Carpet and floor cleaning
  • Striping of parking lot
  • Pest and insect control

Follow these tips to produce professional work.

Cleaning companies from different states shares some tips to follow in order to avoid hazardous scenario during normal working hours of the janitors:

  • In this type of work, it is inevitable to lift heavy equipment. So, the janitorial workers must know the proper lifting techniques so that they would be able to avoid back injuries and muscle sprains. The janitorial service company must teach their employees the proper knee bending while lifting heavy equipment such as steel table to avoid the twisting and turning the back.
  • Another thing when it comes to heavy equipment lifting, the janitor should ask for help when carrying the load. Lift belts can help in this situation too.
  • This work may vary in terms of locations especially if the janitor is associated with a company that offers cleaning services to various institutions. And when a janitor uses the company’s vehicle, the company is responsible for the safety of driving the vehicle.
  • Take a break in between work. It will help to lessen that stress due to physical draining work.
  • The shoes of the janitor should have a rubber soles for proper grip on the floor.
  • According to various janitorial companies, putting up a warning sign on wet floor is a must to avoid slipping accidents.
  • There should be smooth-moving housekeeping carts to help in loading the cleaning equipment from one place to another. It is said that a well-maintained housekeeping cart decreases the workload of the janitors.
  • When using chemicals when cleaning, read the instructions carefully before using them.
  • Hand gloves and safety glasses are required to ensure the safety of hands and eyes.

Maintain the success of business.

Now, if you have gained enough clients, it is your duty to keep them and eventually add more to earn more. Improve always your services and make sure that your manpower are capable of carrying out the job professionally.

This type of work or business may lack the glamor in terms of status and work prestige but over time, it has been proven to be a lucrative business that comes with a strong discipline and willingness to deliver an efficient work.

About the author:

Candice Larson is a business savvy person. She writes for Market Lend from time to time. Currently, Candice works for an ad agency and divides time with attending graduate school.


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