Silenced GENOCIDE: massacred 10 million people, and barely have heard of him.

When you see this face or hear his name you should feel chills just like you hear names like Hitler or Pol Pot. He killed at least 10 million people on his property.

This property is Congo, which Belgium’s King Leopold II turned by low into a private residence. After several unsuccessful attempts at colonization of Asia and Africa, settled down in the Congo. He bought it and enslave all men, turning the whole country into a personal plantation slaves.


Disguised their business transactions in “charitable”, and tyranny is called the Christianization and progress. In fact, enslavement was coming to free the labor force to the Congo pulled all NATURAL RESOURCES – copper, ivory, raw rubber, gold, diamonds … Belgium (monarchy), of which she had used – all proceeds went to the king level.

For his terror had a private army. The methods were brutal – torture, executions …

They chopped the whole family’s hands. For those who do not have enough tires collected, they would cut off hand. And them and their children – so soldiers could show to superiors that they did not waste bullets unnecessary. For at least offenses would be killed. The heads of the offenders, but also their spouses and children are often impaled on palisade in villages.

And no, it’s not some obscure king of the distant past. He ruled Belgium until 1909th.

The victims of imperialism are invisible.

How many Congolese were killed is not known, but is estimated to be at least 10 million. In this does not include millions mutilated. King Leopold is not part of the historical lessons of tyranny, as the Holocaust. He is part of a long history of colonialism, imperialism, slavery and genocide in Africa. King Leopold had killed “only” Africans. Not that lack of sources in order to learn about “the white king of the Black Death,” as it is called. His contemporaries certainly condemned murderers. And Mark Twain wrote a satire about Leopold called “Monologue of King Leopold” which pokes fun at the royal advocacy reign of terror, mainly through Leopold’s own words. There are as many as 49 pages. But in schools is read on Huckelberryju Finn. It is international pressure forced Leopold II to repay the management Congo Belgian civil administration.

Great Catholics – victims along the cross

Leopold was not the only source of evil in the Congo. He had generals and soldiers who carried out his orders and implement laws. Today they were offended about civil wars in Africa and genocide that the warring parties are implemented. But just King Leopold established army not war but massacre. He instilled mechanisms and a system that everyone believes different understanding animal. In his time the genocide was justified Catholicism (armies, write newspaper that “family members of a criminal nailed to Palisade thus forming a cross), today comes loyalty to the tribe, religion, party


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