Top 5 Famous Sociopaths

Professor Kets de Vries divided people into three behavioral groups: sociopaths, psychopaths and normopaths or people that are excessively normal.

In this article we will talk about sociopaths and we will analyze top 5 famous sociopaths all around the world. Sociopath is a person with a personality disorder that is manifested in extreme antisocial attitudes and lack of conscience. Studies have shown that only one percent of people suffer from this personality disorder. Not all sociopaths are serial killers, but some of them are so inhuman that they became famous sociopaths and that’s exactly what they want. Sociopaths actually enjoy in their infamous notoriety and the prison doesn’t bother them at all. Below you will see who are the most famous sociopaths in the world.

1. John Gacy. John Gacy from Illinois is one of the most famous sociopaths ever. He worked as a clown at birthday parties and people adored him. But, they didn’t know that he was a sociopath who was also a serial killer. He killed 32 young men in the 1970s and he buried them under his own house.

2. Ted Bundy. This sociopath was also a serial killer. He was a handsome and attractive young man who lived in Seattle in the 1970s. He killed dozens of women and he wasn’t caught for a long time.
3. Jeffrey MacDonald. MacDonald was an officer and a doctor in the Green Berets. He was also a family man and no one could imagine that he would be a killer. Unfortunately, he killed his pregnant wife and his two daughters.

4. Jeffrey Dahmer. Jeffrey Dahmer was a sociopath from Milwaukee. He was also a cannibal. In the 70s and 80s he raped, murdered and then ate 17 boys and men.

5. Jack Henry Abbott. As we have already said, not all sociopaths were serial killers. Some of them opted for other crimes that fulfilled their needs and motivations. Jack Henry Abbott was a respected author that was charged with forgery. When he was in prison he stabbed a man and escaped from prison. Then he robbed a bank and he was sent to prison again. While he was in prison, he begged a famous writer Norman Mailer to help him write a book. When Abbot was free again he was accepted in New York literary circle, but after a few weeks he committed another murder. It happened in a restaurant when a waiter didn’t let him use an employee bathroom. Abbot stabbed him and he was returned to jail. In 2002 he committed suicide.

These are some of the most famous sociopaths who have never been forgotten. Although males usually commit more violent crimes and they are the most famous serial killers and sociopaths, there are also female sociopaths. Some of them were famous criminals and committed many serious crimes and murders. It is good for you to learn which are the signs of sociopaths because you can never know when you will meet one.


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