NEW BIBLE FOUND: Jesus was not crucified and is not God’s Son!

Panic at the Vatican because of the new found Bible: Jesus was not crucified and is not God’s Son!

Religion keeps saying that “there is evidence”, and now evidence emerged that is older than the first.
If this book is right, then the original Bible is wrong and Christians will have a big problem, especially church.
Many will say that this book is false, and who guarantees that the original Bible is not a fake?


The Vatican has expressed great interest to read this book. According to the dating of the carbon isotope test, the book is over 1500 years old. This new Bible was discovered in Turkey, but inside it is a sermon of St. Barnabas.
The Turkish government has moved the book in a museum with a large police escort.
Holy Barnabas was one of the disciples of Jesus Christ and in his Gospel he says that Christ was never crucified.
Instead, he says that Christ flew to the sky while he was alive, and that Judas was the one who was crucified in his place.
In addition, this ancient Bible states that Jesus was not the son of God, but only the prophet who preached the word of God.

Religious experts believe that the Bible is right

In a public press release issued by the Turkish government, it was stated that this Bible was confiscated from smugglers in the Mediterranean one operation.
The statement said that the group accused of reselling ancient relics, carrying out illegal archeological excavations and the possession of explosives. It is estimated that the book itself is currently worth over $ 28 million.

Religious experts believe that the Bible is right, because it is written in golden letters on the black leather and the ancient Aramaic language, which served Jesus Christ.
The Catholic Church at the Council of Nicea chosen gospels that are now known as the Bible.
They kicked out the Gospel of St. Barnabas, along with many others, and left the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

In the meantime, have appeared numerous biblical texts, including the gospel of the Gnostics of the Dead Sea.
However, it is this newfound Bible of great concern to the Vatican.
What would something like this could mean for the Christian religion and its believers?

Therefore, the Vatican urged the Turkish authorities that the first review of the book.
What will the Catholic Church tell your faithful when the content of the publication of this book in public?
It is alleged that photocopies by this ancient Bible already sold for nearly $ 2 million per sheet.


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