Here is Why Delhi is Sometimes Called, the City of Djinns.

Delhi, the capital city resides in every dil which has trotted or lived here. Be it the lost relics of history, the posh and trendy malls, the fun-soaked amusement parks or the famous streets selling the chaat and other street foods, everything in Delhi is worth paying a visit.

The internet explodes with various searches like Hyderabad to New Delhi cheap flights, or discounted train tickets from Mumbai to Delhi, and many more, all with the common aim of witnessing the marvel of Delhi, and basking in its essence.

True indeed, the capital of India has too much to offer, but who knew, this very capital could be housing some of the most haunted places in India! Just like a long lost island, or a marooned piece of land blanketed with trees, or a village with spirits hovering over it, Delhi, a modern city, with so much population and bustle, is dotted with some spooky places in its nooks and corners. Visit these, and you will be jaw dropped by the creepiness of these places.

House No. W3, GK 1
This house is believed to be haunted by the spirits of an aged couple, who were brutally murdered here with knife, and their bodies thrown off in some water body later. According to the neighbours, there are screams of crying and lamenting, even today, echoing through the house.

Khooni Nadi, Rohini
Speculations have been that one never returns alive after going inside this river. It’s only their dead bodies which return to the shore. At your own risk!

Delhi Cantonment
Delhi, the capital city resides in every dil which has trotted or lived here.

If rumours are to be believed, then there is a mad lady who haunts this area, asking for lifts from the car drivers, waving hands, and stopping them on their way. She even runs along with your car, at the same speed. It is said that, one must never stop the car to give the lift, or you may never be alive then.

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort
Delhi, the capital city resides in every dil which has trotted or lived here.

The Feroz Shah Tughlaq was built in 1354, and now lies spookingly abandoned in Delhi. The astounding fact is that, every Thursday, the locals of the place visit the place to do offerings to the djinns, like lighting candles, and incense, offering fruits and flowers, to please them. What an eerie!

Malcha Mahal, Bistdari Road
Delhi, the capital city resides in every dil which has trotted or lived here.

It was a pet hunting lodge, many moons ago, during the era of the Tughlaq. A visit to this place, will let you have a rendezvous with the ghosts, and if not that, you will go crazy with the silence basked in the place.

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal, Jhandewalan
The place is resided by invisible spirits, who seem to make eerie shrieks and noises, which echo in the place.

The Ridge
The ridge is believed to be deadly haunted by a colonial time British gentleman, who greets everyone who visits the place. The spots around the reach are out of coverage, so obviously it is haunted. Still want to go?

Khooni Darwaza
This is the place where the three sons of Bahadur Shah Zafar were executed. The place is still believed to be haunted by the three.

Walking in Delhi for a creepy tour is one of the interesting things to do in Delhi. Do try them, if you have a heart of a lion!


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