Forced deadly jump because of love greeting to a white girl – VERY EMOTIONAL STORY

15-year-old black man forced to jump to his death after he sent a love letter to a white girl.

During Christmas, Willie James Howard, 15-year-old black man was in quite a good mood and sent greetings to all his colleagues in the trade in Live Oak, Florida. Unlike other greeting cards, greeting card sent to Cynthia Goff, a white woman who worked in the store, greeting card that discovered his love for a young girl. In his letter message was his hope that one day black and white people will lie each other.

At the end of the text, he wrote: “I love your name. I love your voice. For S. H. (heart) you’re my choice.” and signed him, “You know who’.

Although the greeting was addressed to her, coincidentally decides her father Phil Goff.
He called two friends with him and rushed to young Willie’s home and demanded to see him.
Despite the pleas of his mother, drags the James in force, and later kidnapped and his father James Howard from work. Whites have taken two Howard on the mound Suwanee River, tied William’s hands and feet, and forced her to the edge of the river. Willie had two choices; get shot in the head or jump. A young black man jumped into the cold water with tied hands and feet. His father was forced at gunpoint to watch. Willie’s body pulled from the river the next day.

After the police investigation, Goff and his accomplices have admitted that they took Willie to the river to punish him. Apparently they had only intended to scare him; However, according to them, Willie became hysterical and thought that his father will get whip and jumped into the water without being prompted.

Fearing for his life, Willie’s father signed a statement supporting the story of whites that evening. Shortly after the signed statement, James Howard and his family escaped from Live Oak.


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