5 Interesting Myths About Cats

While in some parts of the world a black cat is the symbol of misfortune, in others the situation is completely opposite.

Black cats bring misfortune

While in some parts of the world a black cat is the symbol of misfortune, in others the situation is completely opposite. Even in Serbia many people believe that it’s a bad sign if a black cat crosses your path. Some people’s superstition is so great that in such situations they go 10 steps back and use another way to the desired destination. Actually, the truth is much more innocent! Some studies show that black cats produce more allergens in their skin, and that’s why people prone to allergies should have cats with lighter hair. The opportunity to enjoy beautiful black cats should be given to those who don’t have the allergy symptoms to cat hair.

Cats have nine lives

This myth originated in Egyptian culture and religion and in the belief that the God of the Sun Ra visited the underworld in cat’s form. Because of that cats were believed to be magic creatures for centuries and that’s why they are considered to have nine lives. Another widespread belief has contributed to this ― that cats always land on their feet no matter from which height they fall.

Cats always land on their feet

Being an animal species capable of climbing trees, a cat has developed the ability to survive a fall from heights. Due to its flexible spine, cats can land like a parachutist when falling. However, even then they can have serious ankle, jaw and neck injuries, which can lead to death.

Cats hate water

While some kitties don’t like bathing, others are totally fascinated by water, which they show by holding out their paws toward the water flow. Kittens are especially entertained by bathing, but that kind of entertainment fades away for the most cats as they become older. A certain Turkish cat breed is called a swimming cat due to its love for water and moisture.

Cats are night animals

Cats are often considered night animals because they can perfectly see in the darkness. They need six times less light than people to differentiate forms. However, even they can’t see in total darkness. An interesting fact about cats is that their eyes shine in darkness. That is because a cat’s eye has a special “device” for light amplification that is found in the back part of the eye. It’s a light-reflecting tissue (tapetum lucidum, which means “shiny wallpaper”), and which acts like a mirror behind the retina and reflects the light on it. Due to this fact, the cat’s eye uses even a  minimal amount of light that enters it. People absorb much less light with their eyes. That’s why a cat can see all the moves and objects in half-darkness, which are invisible for us. But it’s not true that cats can see in total darkness, as some people think. When in total darkness, a cat manage by sound, smell and with a perfect sensitivity of its whiskers.

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