Festivals And Homecoming Are Synonymous

What is the actual definition of a festival? Google says that festival is an event ordinarily celebrated by a community and centering on some characteristic aspect of that community and its religion or traditions, often marked as a local or national holiday. In childhood also, the definition of a festival was never so important because we used to be thrilled on a school holiday and plan our outings with siblings. Months ago, our calculation for various games used to start. But with time and age, this thrill and excitement has died somewhere. Staying apart from close friends, family, and relative sis so much common these days that home coming itself becomes an occasion. All our religious social, and national festivals are still important and may be on those holidays we lock ourselves in our rooms or hardly go out with office friends but the taste of the air is different. We miss the home courtyard and keep on searching the same scent of home outside home.


What can one do when we have so many festivals lined up all round the year? It’s not possible to attend each and every festival and therefore we have to choose the best one from the lot. Home coming has a meaning when all the people from your childhood gather together. So, this home coming also depends on other’s plan and holidays. But once you are there, you have the whole nostalgia in front of you. Every time you visit your place, you can sense the development. When you were a school going kid, may be your place was just a village and now it’s one of the growing cities of your district. So, change is visible everywhere. You – your appearance, thinking, taste, likes and dislikes has gone a massive change along with everything else.

But there is only one thing that has not changed. And that is love in your heart. The belongingness that you feel towards your people and culture has grown over this period. And this sense of affinity brings tears in your eyes when you are away from home land and also brings you back to your home town. The festivals and rituals always keeps us busy when we are at home during festivals.


The siblings and cousins of ours with whom we have the best kept memories of festive childhood are still our best mates when it comes to gossiping during the festivals. We still love the midnight tea on our terrace. Diwali, Holi, Rakhi are a few major festivals when home coming is a must. You can get online rakhi delivery, Diwali diyas, and Holipichkaris, anywhere with just a click. Our friends and family would be content in that only because they understand that the work must have been really pressurizing to give a miss to festival and homecoming.


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