Acoustic guitar with amazing rich acoustic sound that most people love.

Acoustic guitar is a guitar that is similar to the classical guitar, but has a metal wire and a narrower neck.

The first modern acoustic guitar was created in the second half of the 20th century.

The sound of acoustic guitars produced in her body, which is to be a sound box. The sound of played wire enters the body through a “sound hole” which is located beneath the wire, and there boosts volume resonance in the body.

In history, techniques which were made accustic guitars were little changed. Guitar makers are the most attention devoted type of wood from which drafted the body.U Middle East countries are not even used wood than unpressed leaves of plants. This technique is also used to obtain the papyrus in Egypt.

Throughout the centuries the guitar makers expanded their knowledge of resonance wood. At the end of the 15th century has evolved and today a popular myth that some guitar makers go so far as to literally walk in the woods with “tonne forks” by tapping on the wood. This is actually a very useful technique because “ton fork” enhances the natural tone of the wood, and can actually hear this piece of wood and its resonance.


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