SHOCKING: Charlie Hebdo published a cartoon toddler Aylan performing the sexual assaults!

Charlie Hebdo, French satirical magazine, published a cartoon that has divided the public, and many feel that it is still too far.

The caricature shows Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi, child who drowned on the coast of Turkey, whose death shocked the world, performing the sexual assaults on the streets of Cologne.
Drawing that shows what a dead child refugees would do if he is alive, left many speechless, while others expressed anger over the move’s satirical magazine.

The intention was to show how today, in all probability, the prevailing attitude is that all migrants are in some way involved in sexual assaults on women that occurred on New Year’s night in Cologne.
A caricature showing the dead body of a small Alyan on the beach, as it was found, while his adult version of the show running for a woman, according to the Independent.

Beneath cartoons is the inscription: “ What little Aylan would do if he had grown up? The one who runs after behinds in German.“

What little Aylan would do if he grow up


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