Physicist shot himself to prove his claim (EXPERIMENT)

Physicist shot himself underwater with gun to confirm his claim – the bullet will sink before it hits the target!

When it comes to the crazy idea of ​​proving something, surely your friends would not support you. The physicist did not ask anyone to pull the trigger, but he devised a method under some rather unusual circumstances.

The experiment was conducted in the pool with a gun submerged in water. The physicist Andreas Wahl shot himself with a gun in order to prove that the shots under water sink before it hits its target due to the resistance of water.

Despite the necessary calculations made beforehand, in the video you can see the expression of relief when the test showed that he was right. The bullet sunk before it approached near him.

WARNING: The experiment has been tested in advance in close cooperation with professional staff. Do not try this yourself on your own or it can end fatal!


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