5 Major Android Apps That Would Help You Track Your Expenses While Travelling

5 Major Android Apps You Can Use To Track Your Expenses of Your Business Organization While Travelling.

If you have been travelling from a longer period of time for your business purposes, then you do know how important and annoying it is to track your spending and the below apps could definitely help.


Travelling these days has turned out to be a major hassle, no matter where you have been going, or where and how the necessity to track your business expenses along the way would add to irritation. Having a good app though could make things easier not only during the trip but even later when you have to actually report it to your company accountant. Given here are the 5 major android apps that would help you track the expenses of your business organization.

Abukai Expenses: Abukai is an organization that sells a number of business productivity products, out of which one is the Abukai expenses. The app would here not just all you to photograph the receipts of all the business expenses made, but would also check the required information enter the additional information and then upload them in order to create a report.  The assumption here is that you are going to be having paper receipts for each and every expense that you have made, and the app would here provide you with a way to report all those expenses without having any information to be typed in.

Andro Money: Andro money app is generally considered to be the business expenses app, and is considered to work well for the ones who are looking out to track their business expenses. The app here is extremely configurable say for example each and every category has a series of subcategories, making it even simpler to say that you add an expenses for the car tolls. The main entry of the app would continue to seem bright and easily read, with the main categories on the left and their subcategories being listed on the right.

Cash Book Expense Tracker: For those of you who are generally looking out for an advanced feature, cashbook expense tracker would here offer you with a slew of robust options in a polished and an easy to use interface. Cash Book expense tracker has been available for $5.99 and allows you log expenses via an add transaction option being made available on its main menu. Once you select the option that is available from you, you could fill up a form with a variety of data including a category, you could pick up the list from the most commonly used categories such as meals, or add your own the total amount of money being spent and the remarks you generally wish to add.

Expense Manager: Expense manager aims to help the business organization easy providing some of the best features. The app here has a clear button adding new expenses or the income on its main menu. Expense manager would here give you all the required fields through which you would fill in the required data such as the amount, payee, and the last but not the least the payment category. The app would also provide you with all the required details of the most commonly used vendors and the category vendors that you could actually select for a couple of tabs.  Expense manager also has an auto feature fill feature through which you could create repopulate templates for the most commonly used expenses. You could have repeated transactions too if you have regularly recurring expenses that you would like to generally automate.

Bizxpense Tracker: Developed by the small business owners and the consultants in mind, the Bizxpense tracker android app is generally considered to be the most expensive one. In addition to the tracking expenses and mileage it would allow you to record the time you have worked. You could also customize the app with categories and subcategories generating the expense management reports at a great ease. The template in the app would here also provide you with all the critical information required by the accountant.

To conclude while not every expense management software tracker would cater to the both the IAS and the Google android choosing one that would cater to both could help make the expense business tracking for your organization much more easier.

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Melissa Patterson is a freelancer and has experience of over 5 years in expense and travel management software. She has in-depth knowledge about managing travel and different type of expenses incurred in business. She writes about travel and expense management solutions as a freelancer.


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