This Rattlesnake is painted in pink, the reason you will condemn or laugh.

Rattlesnake – Someone finds rattlesnake painted in pink funny, but the most condemn this act calling it cruelty against animals.

A wildlife rescue center is pointing out against animal cruelty after they found and rescued a bright pink rattlesnake near the Utah Hospital. 

The director at Reptile Rescue Jim Dix , said the seemingly harmless act against the snake is the same as animal cruelty. Now he hopes that other’s won’t do anything like this harmful and potentially dangerous to themselves.

While people might think some paint would be harmless to the thick protective snake’s skin—after all, the snake will change painted skin—it actually puts the reptile in seriously danger. Left in the nature, the pink snake can no more camouflage with its surroundings the way its could before when its natural scale pattern and coloration did it. The neon color makes it as open prey to any predators that eat reptiles.

Angry Dix called this action childish and very dangerous. He said how and why could anybody do such stupid and childish thing.
Get to close to this dangerous poison rattlesnake to paint it is very danger for human life.
Reptile Rescue will take a care of snake until it change painted skin. Then they will get it back into the wild. You should know that Utah is considered a Class B misdemeanor to harm a wild animal.


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