The stories of the world: The secret of old woman’s longevity – eat porridge and avoid men!

Another interesting story of the world of an old woman who reveals the secret of her longevity.

When it comes to long, beautiful and healthy life, most people would say, stay away from junk food, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. But not this old woman.

The stories of the world: The secret of old woman's longevity  - eat porridge and avoid men!
The secret of longevity 🙂

The old lady that has 109 years in Scotland, has a secret of longevity and today is revealing: Eat porridge and avoid men.

Over hundred years old Jessie Gallan, was born in a small two-room hut on the farm where she lived and slept on straw mattresses with her 5 sisters and a brother.

Gallan who never married, told the newspaper her secret of beautiful and long years of life is avoiding men that they are more trouble than they are worth.
Plenty of exercise and a daily morning bowl of hot porridge.
Last year, when she turned 108 years, says that still her porridge is more responsible than avoiding men.      Sourcehuffingtonpost

The oldest person is Susannah Mushatt Jones who turned 116 years this summer. She claims to its longevity is responsible bacon.
Centenarian and longevity study in the US last year, discovered that the long and beautiful life most affected by the implementation of a lot of time with family and friends and a commitment to fitness.

Well girls, avoid men and you will live longer 🙂


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