The disappearance of the Maya civilization – Is the culprit Great Blue Hole?

The disappearance of the Maya civilization still researchers, archaeologists are trying to find the real cause.

Great Blue Hole in Belize coast has to do something with the disappearance of the Maya civilization (VIDEO)

Great Blue Hole, Belize coast is not just one of the greatest diving destinations that the nature has to offer, it also led scientists to believe that the Maya civilization collapsed because of the drought.

Video Matt Sampson will show you how this natural wonder, who has acquired fame thanks to submarine explorer Jacques Cousteau, is in some way connected with the disappearance of the Maya.

It was considered when they abandoned many cities including Palenque, Copan and Tikal, the Mayan civilization disappeared in the period between 800 AD and 900 AD.

Blue Abyss is about 299 meters wide and about 124 meters deep. It is located in the center of the atoll called Lighthouse Reef, where the whole island is covered with beautiful coral turquoise waters of the lagoon.

Originally, the abyss began as limestone cave in the last ice age. Then, the sea level was so much lower. When the ocean began to rise, the cave system was flooded and destroyed, creating “vertical cave”, which is today.


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