Meet Nazi tormentress called “Beautiful Beast!”

Woman monster: What this Nazi tormentress did so she got name “Beautiful Beast?”

The Second World War was hell for the life of the Jews who were tortured by the Nazis, among them there were women monsters that are not much different in cruelty of men

When it comes to the Second World War, we all have a picture of how the guards in deep black boots, murderous looks on their faces, mercilessly treated the closed Jews. The truth is that even many women loved to work in concentration camps.

Irma Ida Grese , Nazi tormentress also one of the guards who was brutally tortured prisoners, even though they say it’s a monster, they also say she is beautiful woman.
Irma was so sadistic that it is one of only 16 female guards who received the death penalty for war crimes after World War II.
In her 22, was also the youngest in the 20th century who died under British law.

Grese began first to volunteer her services in the camps and later for less than two years was, she was promoted to the highest rank of female guards.

She was a guard at Ravensbruck and Auschwitz as governor in the women’s section of Bergen-Belsen. Her main task was to choose a woman for the gas chambers.
It seems that task for her was not difficult at all, on the contrary.
Jewish Olga Lengyel, who was in the camp during the Grese management, has such a deep hatred for her that often narrates her dark memory of her time in the camp. The true story of survival of women in Auschwitz, Lengyel narrates how she often was selecting the weakest and most vulnerable women to kill.
If that was not enough, then she would be very cruel and violent to any women prisoner.
Remembering of Grese was beating and shooting. She would often starved dogs to let them upon victims that she chooses.

Irma Ida Grese

Like the men, she wore a heavy, deep black boots, but usually was wearing a tight skirt. She always had a gun and the whip that she used against women.

Strange details Grese’s presence were recorded in Lengyelovoj incredible book, such as her love for challenging tight clothes, too much lipstick and perfume while working in the camps in which women wore rags and had their heads shaved.
Lengyel remembers her as very promiscuous, even its been said that she was the mistress of one of the most famous torturer Joseph Mengele.
Before she was sentenced for the worst war crimes, she got the chance to defend herself.
Newspapers wrote about her, calling her “beautiful beast,” so they gave her a nickname.

Of course, Grese defended herself that she was ‘alleged forced’ to work in concentration camps.

Grese worked on agricultural activities on the farm when she was 15.
For the desire to become a nurse, began working at the hospital in Hohenlychen, where she worked for almost two years. Later, the stock exchange moved her  to a dairy in Fürstenberg.
 In July 1942, she tried again as a nurse but, Stock Market did not let her, they already transferred her to the concentration camp Ravensbrück although she desagree.
In 1943, she was transferred to the Birkenau concentration camp at Auschwitz, where she remained until January 1945.
Despite the worst memorized sadistic acts she did, she defended herself like she was put to the manager of the camp against her will.
Of course, no one believed it. Grese filed an appeal, but her appeal was rejected and she was hanged on 13, December 1945.


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