Grandpa offers a million dollars to anyone: You need to do just one thing!

There is one thing you need to do and this grandpa will give you million dollars.

So far 650 people have registered, but no one has managed to respond to the challenge.

The famous American magician James Randi (86), for log time waging war against all those trick, deception or fraud skillful trying to convince the public that they have supernatural, paranormal powers. To anyone who can prove of possessing supernatural power, James offered one million dollars.

For the first time in 1964, James challenged all those healers, wizards, psychics and other who claims having so so-called paranormal abilities. But at the time the prize was just 1,000.
According to this source from 1964, the challenge accepted 650 people, but none of them have passed the preliminary test. Those who think it is all a ruse, Randy claims that money is prepared in a special account.

He is a man who determined to expose scammers who cheat naive people. He said that they are all crooks.


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