The curse of Villisca Axe house: Ghost hunter stabbed himself in the chest during the night.

The curse of Villisca Axe house where multiple murder happened, ghost hunter stabbed himself in the chest, don’t know why…

The Curse of the house where a ghost hunter Robert Laursen, spent the night, describes the night as terrible experience where he stabbed himself in the chest with an unknown object in the Villisca Axe, haunted house in Iowa. Daily Mail reports.

In 1912 the house became notorious when at July of that year, happened multiple murder where two adults and six children died and the killer was never caught. More than 100 years still the killings remained a mystery.

As reported by the Daily Mail, in research of paranormal activity in the house worked Laursen, who was 37 at time the incident occurred. He was all alone in the rooms of the house that had no plumbing or electricity when other investigators heard him screaming and calling for help.

The curse

The curse of Villisca Axe house…

County sheriff said that Laursen was alone when the other investigators of paranormal activity found him in the room, they immediately called the 911.
He do not believe that this was accident, but why would Laursen do that, it’s unknown.

The owner of the infamous Villisca Axe murder house, Martha Linn, said she was horrified of what happened, and now that the house was opened to the public for the first time, it happened something terrible like this.

Villisca Axe official site reported: due to falling lamps, flying objects and sounds of children’s voices. Apparently, psychics are as the paranormal investigators stated that there is the presence of ghosts in the house and some even claim to have communicated with them.

Why is an investigator of the paranormal, Robert Laursen, stabbed himself in the chest in the evening of his research, it is not known to others nor to Laursen.

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