CALLIGRAPHY: The youngest master in the world, his work will freeze you!

Yet, calligraphy is not a lost art, shows the youngest master in the world whose work will literally freeze you.

Meet the youngest master of the pen and some say that there are just few in the world. Any others?

Jake Weidmann says his grandmother has a beautiful handwriting he ever seen. Her letters by her handwriting, he always cherished, especially now that technology invaded our world.

For centuries, educated and rich people have been recognized for their ability to create beautiful handwriting on paper.

But the last couple of years, writing and calligraphy are artificial form of dying.
The work of putting pen to paper is happening less and less. People would rather reach for the iPad or MacBook communications or design.

However, the study of manuscripts, called graphology, it takes time to master. Ask Jake Weidmann what kind of passion is it to him.
He has a job for which you probably do not know that can bring glory and money. He is a master of the manuscript and a part of the International Association of Master of a pen, Engrossers and teachers of writing, as they call it in the short IAMPETH.
Weidmann believe it or not, make a living by doing exactly what he likes, methodically and slowly creating a beautiful hand signals.

He has the ability to pieces of paper turn into a piece of art that will astound you. His signature is truly remarkable.
Of course, this incredible ability did not come without hard work. He spent many years learning and perfecting his talent.

Please see the fantastic video of the master penmen! 🙂


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